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  • Physiotherapy
  • Pre-op physio
  • Post-op physio
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Compression therapy, and therapeutic exercise

Welcome to Jack Nathan Rehab, Edmonton’s hub for personalized physiotherapy services. Our affordable, tailor-made treatments, from pre and post-op physio to sports therapy, ensure your unique recovery journey is in good hands. Conveniently situated in your local Walmart Supercentre, we offer compression therapy and therapeutic exercises for optimal wellness. Enjoy our direct billing system, making our world-class care even more accessible. Remember, ‘Jack Nathan Rehab’ is more than a rehabilitation center; we’re your partner in health, promoting community wellness through comprehensive and personalized physio care.

Edmonton physiotherapy and Rehab Clinic

Jack Natah Rehab Location:

Address: 18521 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta, T5S 2V9

To Book Call: (833) 739-3100

Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic Hours:


Mon to Fri: 9 am to 6 pm
Sat & Sun: Close

About Jack Nathan Physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB

Welcome to Jack Nathan Rehab, your comprehensive destination for physical therapy services conveniently located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are not just any rehabilitation center; we are your neighbours, an integral part of your local Walmart supercenter, making care accessible to all.

Our core competence revolves around the principle of “personalized care”. We understand that every person is unique, every injury is different and every recovery journey is individual. That’s why we customize our physiotherapy treatment strategies, giving you the support you need – tailored exactly to your specifications. From the first assessment to the last meeting, you are not just a client; you are part of the Jack Nathan Rehab family.

Our range of services addresses a wide spectrum of physical therapy needs. Whether pre-operative physical therapy, which helps prepare your body for the best surgical results or post-operative physical therapy, which helps speed recovery and regain function, we’re here to support you. Our Sports Physiotherapy division focus on preventing and treating sports-related injuries, keeping our vibrant Edmonton sports community in tip-top shape.

Our compression therapy services and therapeutic exercise programs are designed with one goal: optimal health. Compression therapy helps improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. Our therapeutic exercises focus on restoring and maintaining muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and mobility.

One of our standout features at Jack Nathan Rehab is our direct billing system. We want you to focus on what’s important – your recovery and leave the administrative tasks to us. Our affordable care system means your wallet doesn’t have to feel the pinch while your body gets the care it deserves.

At Jack Nathan Rehab, we are committed to promoting wellness in our Edmonton community through comprehensive medical care, personal attention and unparalleled convenience. Your journey to recovery starts here! We are more than a rehab center – we are a partner in your health journey.

Remember, “Jack Nathan Rehab” when you think of top-notch, accessible and affordable physical rehab in Edmonton. Your health, your life, your rehabilitation. Join us and let’s get moving!


Services provided from the Edmonton location

Choose from our selection of personalized rehab services below or book a consultation in Edmonton to help determine which service is right for you.

Pre-op Physio
Post-op Physio
Sports Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Edmonton

Physiotherapy Edmonton


Experience a revitalization of your physical health with our Edmonton Physiotherapy services located in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. We go beyond the norm by offering a unique blend of therapeutic exercises, promising to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

Our experience is not limited to these traditional areas. You’ll discover a wide range of sub-services, such as gait training and postural education, weaving a web of care tailored to your needs. We recognize the essential role of endurance and balance training in fostering resilience. Furthermore, joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques ensure the fluidity of your movements.

We pride ourselves on our patient-centred approach, ensuring your comfort in your recovery journey. Our direct billing service adds the convenience of quality, easing your financial burden. Let us guide you every step of the way, creating a health roadmap tailored to your unique needs.

Join us at Jack Nathan Rehab, where the science of physiotherapy meets compassion and care, turning challenges into triumphs. Your journey to an improved quality of life starts here.

physiotherapy toronto

Pre-op Physio Edmonton


Greetings, friends of Edmonton! Are you prepping for surgery? Jack Nathan Rehab is here to help with top-tier “Pre-op Physio” services, right in your neighborhood. Our skilled physiotherapists use therapeutic exercises to prepare your body for operation, fostering quicker recovery.

We focus on strength-building, mobility training, and deep breathing exercises, all customized to your specific needs. Plus, our core-stability and balance exercises prepare you for post-surgery life.

What’s more? We offer direct billing – making your journey with us seamless and stress-free. At Jack Nathan Rehab, we understand surgery can be daunting, and we’re here to simplify it for you. Let’s conquer your operation together, one step at a time.

physiotherapy toronto

Post-op Physio Edmonton


Welcome to Jack Nathan Rehab, your trusted haven for Post-op Physio in Edmonton. At the heart of Alberta, we excel in holistic care, focusing on services to help you rebound after surgery.

We don’t just mend; we transform lives with our personalized therapeutic exercises, incorporating strength training, flexibility exercises, and balance training, all tailored to nurture your wellness journey.

Recognizing that every patient’s path to recovery is unique, we sculpt our therapeutic services to cater to your specific needs. And guess what? We make things easier for you, too. How? By offering direct billing, we lessen your financial burden, so you can focus solely on healing. Let us take care of the tricky part; your job is just to get better.

With our talented team, rest assured, you’re in caring hands. Come experience the Jack Nathan difference and take the first step towards a healthier you.

Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton


Discover the world of Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton, an essential service from Jack Nathan Rehab. With a team of devoted physiotherapists, we guide individuals of all ages, athletes or not, back to full-body wellness after injury or strain. We pride ourselves on our unique approach, combining proven techniques with the latest advancements in our field.

We provide an array of beneficial sub-services such as therapeutic exercise, strength training, and flexibility workouts, all intended to complement your sports physiotherapy sessions. Each of these strategies is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal recovery and prevention of further injuries.

Living in Edmonton, you’ll appreciate the convenience of our location. But what sets us apart isn’t just our proximity; it’s our commitment to making your experience seamless. That includes offering direct billing, a feature designed to ease your financial burden.

Navigating the path to recovery isn’t always easy, but with Jack Nathan Rehab, you’re never alone. We’re here to simplify the journey, making sports physiotherapy an accessible, stress-free part of your wellness routine. Come, step into the revitalizing realm of physiotherapy at Jack Nathan Rehab, your neighborhood health ally in Edmonton.

Physiotherapy Service

"I was suffering with lower back pain and luckily found this place in my vicinity. It is conveniently located and is super clean. They intake process was easy and quick . The staff is quite supportive and courteous . Dr. Anri did a detailed assessment and made sure that I recovered fully . The best thing is that they Directly Bill to the insurance which makes the experience more comfortable and reliable. I would highly recommend Jack Nathan Rehab Clinic for their highly professional services"

Dikshika Malhotra

I have been coming to Jack Nathan from the time they opened the doors. The staff are very knowledgeable and willing to assist however they can. The space is HUGE, bright and always so clean. Front desk staff are wonderful and always so friendly. The practitioners always make you feel like a priority and talk you through the treatment. I recommend this clinic!

Danielle Souray

One of the best rehab clinics I have been to. Large, clean, and spacious. No cramped rooms here. Dr. Anri is super knowledgeable and has really helped me with my shoulder pain. Dikshika at the front is a pleasure to deal with and makes sure my billing is always taken care of. 5 star clinic

Stephanie Mesic

I came to get my back fixed from Dr.Anri. His analysis and treatment both were accurate. Dikshika at the front helped me do the paperwork and billed my insurance directly . It was such a swift and easy process.

Nakisa Gilan nejad

Service and Quality are both effecient and timely.


Excellent service and guidance from both the receptionists and physiotherapist!

Hilary Morton

My massage with Katie was excellent! I left feeling relaxed with no tension in my muscles or joints. The therapist listened to everything I needed done and applied just the right amount of pressure when needed. I highly recommend this place for a good massage.

Lauren Stone

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Personalized Care Just for You

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Comprehensive Range of Rehab Services

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Knowledgeable in Rehabilitation

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Hassle-Free WSIB Claims Management

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Convenience at Its Best

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Affordable Care

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Experienced Practitioners

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Committed to Your Well-being

Driving Directions

Jack Nathan Rehab directions

Jack Nathan Rehab directions

From St. Albert, Alberta

Get on AB-216 S in Edmonton

1. Head east on Boudreau Rd E
2. Turn right onto Campbell Rd NW S
3. Use the right lane to take the AB-216 W/Anthony Henday Drive ramp

Take exit 21 from AB-216 S
4. Merge onto AB-216 S
5. Take exit 21 toward AB-16A W/Spruce Grove/Stony Plain/100 Avenue E
6. Keep left, follow signs for 100 Avenue E and merge onto 100 Ave NW/AB-16A E

Continue on 100 Ave NW to your destination
7. Merge onto 100 Ave NW/AB-16A E

Continue to follow 100 Ave NW
8. Turn left onto 186 St NW
9. Turn right

The destination will be on the right

From Sherwood Park, Alberta

Get on AB-216 N

1. Head west on Baseline Rd W
2. Use the right lane to take the ramp to Trans Canada Hwy/AB-16/Lloydminster
3. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for AB-216 and merge onto AB-216 N

Follow AB-216 N to Edmonton. Take exit 21 from AB-216 N
4. Merge onto AB-216 N
5. Take exit 21 toward AB-16A W/Spruce Grove/Stony Plain/100 Avenue E
6. Keep left, follow signs for 100 Avenue E and merge onto 100 Ave NW/AB-16A E

Continue on 100 Ave NW to your destination
7. Merge onto 100 Ave NW/AB-16A E Continue to follow 100 Ave NW
8. Turn left onto 186 St NW
9. Turn right

The destination will be on the right

From Beaumont, Alberta

Get on Anthony Henday Dr./AB-216 W in Mill Woods, Edmonton

1. Head north on 50 St/AB-814 toward 52 Ave
Continue to follow 50 St
2. Continue straight onto 50 St SW/AB-814
Continue to follow 50 St SW
3. Use the right lane to take the ramp onto Anthony
Henday Dr./AB-216 W

Follow AB-216 W to 100 Ave NW. Take exit 21 from AB-216W
4. Merge onto Anthony Henday Dr./AB-216 W
5. Keep left to continue on AB-216 W
6. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 21 for 100 Avenue toward AB-16A W/Spruce Grove/Stony Plain
7. Keep right, follow signs for 100 Avenue and merge onto 100 Ave NW

Continue on 100 Ave NW to your destination
8. Merge onto 100 Ave NW
9. Turn left onto 186 St NW
10. Turn right

The destination will be on the right

From Devon, Alberta

1. Head west on St Lawrence Ave toward Michigan St

Follow Devonian Way/AB-60 N and AB-16A E to 100 Ave NW in Edmonton

2. Turn right onto Devonian Way/AB-60 N
3. Continue straight to stay on Devonian Way/AB-60
N (signs for Stony Plain)
4. Continue straight to stay on Devonian Way/AB-60 N
5. Use the right lane to merge onto Hwy 16A/AB-16A E via the ramp to Trans Canada Hwy/Edmonton
Continue to follow AB-16A E

Continue on 100 Ave NW to your destination
6. Continue onto 100 Ave NW
7. Turn left onto 186 St NW
8. Turn right

The destination will be on the right

From Spruce Grove, Alberta

1. Head west on Hwy 16A/AB-16A E toward Calahoo Rd

Continue to follow AB-16A E
2. Continue onto 100 Ave NW
3. Turn left onto 186 St NW
4. Turn right

The destination will be on the right

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Jack Nathan Rehab helps patients prioritize their physical health to live better, healthier lives. Our team of healthcare practitioners are equipped with the necessary skills to address sports injuries, acute and chronic conditions, neck and back pain, and repetitive strain injuries. They also handle rehabilitation strength training, post-surgical rehabilitation, prenatal and postpartum care, among other services

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People Also Ask:

How much does a physiotherapist cost in Edmonton, AB?

Please contact us to find out the pricing for your physiotherapy treatment. We often have great deals running for physiotherapy and other services.

Is physiotherapy covered by Canada health Care?

In Canada, the healthcare system, also referred to as Canadian Medicare, does not provide blanket coverage for all health services. Though it offers coverage for all essential hospital and doctor services, there are a few healthcare services that typically do not fall under the purview of any provincial or territorial insurance plan. This list includes physiotherapy, visits to a psychologist, chiropractic treatments, dental services, and cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries.

It’s important to check with the specific health insurance plan or provincial health department for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Do you need a referral for physical therapy in Edmonton, Alberta?

In Edmonton, AB, it isn’t necessary to have a referral to consult a physiotherapist. Nonetheless, certain private insurance providers may mandate a referral from a doctor. As such, it’s always a wise idea to confirm the particular requirements with your insurance company.

How do I find the best physiotherapist in Edmonton location?

Of course, the easier way is to do a Google search for “best physiotherapist in Edmonton” and Jack Nathan Rehab is one of them. Give us a call or fill out the form for any questions you may have.

How many times a week should you go to physiotherapy in Edmonton, AB?

The frequency of physiotherapy sessions can vary greatly depending on the individual’s specific needs, the type of injury or condition being treated, and the treatment plan developed by the physiotherapist. It’s not uncommon for physiotherapy treatment plans to start with multiple sessions per week, gradually reducing the frequency as the patient’s condition improves.

For a more accurate answer tailored to your specific situation, it would be best to consult directly with a physiotherapist at Jack Nathan Rehab. We can assess your condition and provide a personalized treatment plan, including the recommended frequency of physiotherapy sessions.

Is there parking outside of the Edmonton, AB Jack Nathan Rehab?

Indeed, parking is provided at Edmonton’s Jack Nathan Rehab. The clinic is situated within a Walmart store, which provides a substantial amount of parking space for patrons.

This arrangement allows patients to easily reach the clinic and avail themselves of any other required services in the same vicinity.

Does Alberta Seniors Benefit cover physiotherapy?

Based on the information available on the official Alberta government website, the Alberta Seniors Benefit program provides seniors with premium-free coverage for prescription drugs and other health-related services not covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). 

The program does cover a range of health-related services such as prescription drugs, diabetes supplies, ambulance services, clinical psychological services, home nursing care, and chiropractic services. But, it’s important to note that there are certain services that are not covered under the program, such as claims for benefit expenses incurred prior to the effective date of coverage, services covered by the AHCIP, and travel insurance for emergency hospital and medical expenses outside of the province or country.

In the context of Jack Nathan Rehab, a business operating in Edmonton, Alberta, offering services like physiotherapy, pre-op physio, post-op physio, sports physiotherapy, compression therapy, and therapeutic exercise, it would be advisable for seniors interested in these services to directly contact the Alberta Seniors Benefit program or Alberta Blue Cross to inquire about the specifics of their coverage.

Remember, health coverage can be complex and individual circumstances can vary. Always consult with a healthcare professional or insurance provider to understand what is covered under your specific plan.