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Jack Nathan Rehab offers massage therapy sessions to relieve tension and increase blood flow to your muscles, helping you feel restored when you need it the most

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Massage Therapy for Better Health

Discover its many physical and mental benefits

Massages can sometimes feel indulgent but you shouldn’t wait until you’re at the point of pain or burnout before you consider booking an appointment. Jack Nathan Rehab offers several types of massage therapy to help you ease muscle pain, boost circulation, de-stress and relax. Our treatments are always performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) which means the cost of the massage is often covered by your employee health benefits program which we can bill directly. If you’re looking to reduce pain, ease tension and feel more calm and relaxed, go ahead and book a massage session today.

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Types of Massage


Discover the Jack Nathan Difference

Personalized one-on-one care is our priority

Jack Nathan Rehab helps patients prioritize their physical health to live better, healthier lives. Our experienced healthcare practitioners specialize in a variety of treatments and will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and will even direct bill your insurance. With convenient locations within Walmart Supercenter stores and access to an onsite pharmacy, Jack Nathan Rehab is the clear choice for your rehab services.

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