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Jack Nathan Rehab offers custom-made orthotics that are perfectly tailored to you in order to provide immediate relief by taking the stress off joints in your body

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Why Choose Custom Orthotics

Made specifically to suit your specific feet

Poorly positioned feet can lead to pain in the ankles, knees, hips and lower back, making everyday activities like standing, walking or running, a challenge. Custom-made orthotics are corrective devices designed specifically for you to help treat a foot, leg, or back problem. These corrective devices can be made of different materials fitting into your shoes to provide support, correction and cushioning to improve foot performance and comfort. Some or all of the cost of custom-made orthotics can often be covered through extended healthcare plans. Contact our team at Jack Nathan Rehab to book an appointment for custom-orthotics today.

Benefits of Orthotics

Benefits of Orthotics


Discover the Jack Nathan Difference

Personalized one-on-one care is our priority

Jack Nathan Rehab helps patients prioritize their physical health to live better, healthier lives. Our experienced healthcare practitioners specialize in a variety of treatments and will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and will even direct bill your insurance. With convenient locations within Walmart Supercenter stores and access to an onsite pharmacy, Jack Nathan Rehab is the clear choice for your rehab services.

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