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Jack Nathan Rehab offers a range of physiotherapy services to improve balance and coordination, increase mobility and promote healing following an injury

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When to see a Physiotherapist

Health benefits of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not just for athletes looking to optimize their performance, it also helps people return to their daily activities following muscular disorder or injury and it can even reduce pain from chronic health conditions. A physiotherapy treatment session often incorporates a variety of treatment methods that can include joint manipulation, muscle stimulation and massage, stretching, as well as corrective exercises. Whether you’re looking to restore functional ability and movement, manage pain or promote recovery, the physiotherapists at Jack Nathan Rehab will work with you to design a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

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Physiotherapy Benefits


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Personalized one-on-one care is our priority

Jack Nathan Rehab helps patients prioritize their physical health to live better, healthier lives. Our experienced healthcare practitioners specialize in a variety of treatments and will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs and will even direct bill your insurance. With convenient locations within Walmart Supercenter stores and access to an onsite pharmacy, Jack Nathan Rehab is the clear choice for your rehab services.

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