Pre-Op Physiotherapy (Before Surgery)

Benefits of Pre-Op Physiotherapy

  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Reduced time spent in hospital.
  • Reduced risk of complications.
  • Potential cost savings as it may reduce the amount of care you’ll need after surgery.
  • Allow for earlier mobilization.
  • Build strength and muscles.

Registered Massage Therapy in Thornhill and Vaughan

Welcome to Jack Nathan Rehab Clinic, your trusted home for exceptional Massage Therapy Services and experienced Registered Massage Therapists.

Jack Nathan Rehab offers massage therapy sessions to relieve tension and increase blood flow to your muscles, helping you feel restored when you need it the most


  • Deep tissue massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Myofascial release
  • Myofascial massage
  • Shiatsu foot massager
  • Cupping massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Swedish massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Sports massage

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What is Pre-Operative Physiotherapy?

At Jack Nathan Rehab, we offer Pre-Operative Physiotherapy. Pre-operative physiotherapy includes working with patients who are about to undergo an operation with the goal of reducing recovery time, reducing time spent in the hospital and earlier mobilization.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy will allow you to get a baseline for your functional ability, strength and range of motion prior to surgery to help set realistic goals for recovery.

Our Pre-Operative Physiotherapist can help provide custom exercises before surgery to help tone and strengthen muscles allowing you to jump back into daily activities much faster.

Why Pre-Operative Physiotherapy is Crucial

1. Enhanced Understanding of Recovery

A physiotherapist will provide you with a better understanding of what to expect during your recovery.

2. Guidance on Assistive Devices

They will equip you with information on the types of assistive devices required, if any, after surgery.

3. Alternative Ways to Function

A physiotherapist will guide you through alternative ways to function during your recovery period, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Pre-surgery physical therapy

The Impact of a Planned Recovery Routine

Having a planned recovery routine will help:

  • Ease the mental stress of undergoing surgery.
  • Allow you to focus on returning to your normal daily activities.

Note: Engaging with a physiotherapist can be an invaluable step in a patient’s post-surgery journey, fostering a sense of preparedness and confidence.

Before you head into surgery, give yourself the best chance at a smoother recovery with Pre-Op Physiotherapy at Jack Nathan Rehab Clinic. Don’t leave your results to chance—book your appointment now and take a proactive approach to your health and healing.

Pre-surgery physical therapy at Jack Nathan Rehab:

  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Shorter hospital stays.
  • Lowered risk of complications post-surgery.
  • Potential cost savings post-surgery.
  • Allows for earlier post-surgery mobilization.
  • Helps build strength and muscles pre-surgery.

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Pre-Operative Physiotherapy: Timing, Benefits, and Expectations

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Benefits

When to Start Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Starting preoperative physiotherapy is essential for better surgical outcomes. Here’s a suggested timeline:

  • Immediate Initiation: Begin as soon as you are aware of an injury or have a scheduled surgical date.
  • Recommended Period: It is recommended to start at least 6 weeks before your surgery date.

Benefits of Pre-Surgery Strength Building

  • Increases speed of recovery post-surgery.
  • Improves surgical outcomes, as documented in various studies.
  • The stronger you are going into surgery, the more likely you are to have a successful surgical outcome.

What to Expect from Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Initial Examination and Consultation

  • Understanding of your medical history.
  • Discussion about the upcoming operation.

Customized Exercise Plan Creation

  • Aims to:

    • Increase mobility.
    • Strengthen muscles.
    • Reduce recovery time.
  • Comprises:

    • Tailored exercises and stretches based on your functional ability.

Educational and Supportive Guidance

The physiotherapist will:

  • Provide education on ways to move during your recovery.
  • Suggest and provide assistive mobility devices if required, to maximize recovery outcomes.

Note: Engaging in pre-operative physiotherapy ensures you are in the best possible physical condition before your surgery, leading to enhanced recovery and outcomes.

Physiotherapy Service

"I was suffering with lower back pain and luckily found this place in my vicinity. It is conveniently located and is super clean. They intake process was easy and quick . The staff is quite supportive and courteous . Dr. Anri did a detailed assessment and made sure that I recovered fully . The best thing is that they Directly Bill to the insurance which makes the experience more comfortable and reliable. I would highly recommend Jack Nathan Rehab Clinic for their highly professional services"

Dikshika Malhotra

I have been coming to Jack Nathan from the time they opened the doors. The staff are very knowledgeable and willing to assist however they can. The space is HUGE, bright and always so clean. Front desk staff are wonderful and always so friendly. The practitioners always make you feel like a priority and talk you through the treatment. I recommend this clinic!

Danielle Souray

One of the best rehab clinics I have been to. Large, clean, and spacious. No cramped rooms here. Dr. Anri is super knowledgeable and has really helped me with my shoulder pain. Dikshika at the front is a pleasure to deal with and makes sure my billing is always taken care of. 5 star clinic

Stephanie Mesic

I came to get my back fixed from Dr.Anri. His analysis and treatment both were accurate. Dikshika at the front helped me do the paperwork and billed my insurance directly . It was such a swift and easy process.

Nakisa Gilan nejad

Service and Quality are both effecient and timely.


Excellent service and guidance from both the receptionists and physiotherapist!

Hilary Morton

My massage with Katie was excellent! I left feeling relaxed with no tension in my muscles or joints. The therapist listened to everything I needed done and applied just the right amount of pressure when needed. I highly recommend this place for a good massage.

Lauren Stone


Operation coming up soon?

Our team at Jack Nathan Rehab can help by providing a custom treatment plan, providing education for ways of moving during your recovery and providing assistive mobility devices should they be required.

Our goal is to reduce your recovery time and build your strength and muscles before your surgical date. Book your consultation today!

Your Surgery Deserves the Best Start!

Before you take that important step into the operating room, ensure your body is primed and ready for optimal recovery. At Jack Nathan Rehab Clinic, our Pre-Op Physiotherapy sessions are tailored to help you heal faster post-surgery.

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